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Cover A Round of Golf

About my books
So far I have written two travel handbooks about the United States, both published by Uitgeverij Elmar BV, one of the leading publishers of travel books in The Netherlands. Uitgeverij De Standaard in Antwerp is responsible for distribution in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Uitgeverij Elmar BV also published a book about golf, also written by me. For detailed information about these books, click on the titles below.

(Travelling with a Camper in the USA)
ISBN 90-389-0665-X
275 pages, illustrated, 12,5 x 21,5 cm.
(language: Dutch); Hfl. 39,50

(Travel Handbook Colorado & Wyoming)
ISBN 990-389-0971-3
504 pages, illustrated, 12,5 x 21 cm. (language: Dutch); Hfl. 44.95

(A Round of Golf)
ISBN 90-389-0827-X
232 pages, illustrated, 14 x 22 cm.
(language: Dutch); Hfl. 29,50

Whereas CAMPERREIZEN IN DE USA is a travel handbook dealing specifically with travelling in the USA with a camper/ motorhome (with only a short summary containing information about the primary views and attractions in each state), REISHANDBOEK COLORADO & WYOMING is a travel handbook in which a complete region (The West) is covered in detail, regardless of the way of transportation. However, since most Dutch and Belgium visitors choose to make a roundtrip with a rental car or a camper/motorhome, the book puts a heavy accent on scenic routes in the area. In total, I describe 50 different stages (ranging from short drives to trips of one or even more days) along with all the places of interest in Colorado and Wyoming (plus the Black Hills region of South Dakota) are to be found. This method allows the reader to make-up the roundtrip of his choice very easily.

REISHANDBOEK COLORADO & WYOMING distinguishes itself from (very often excellent) publications written in English, because the book focuses completely on the European and in particular the Dutch/Flemish point of view, which differs in many ways from the American angle. Regardless of the fact that America is nowadays easy to reach by an airplane, it is still considered to be a "far away destination" and most visitors from Holland and Belgium prefer to tour through the country (instead of a vacation that concentrates in a particular city or area). The average duration of such a tour is 3 to 4 weeks and during that period of time a majority of the people not just want to see as many highlights as possible, but like to reserve time to enjoy things as well. In my books I pay much attention to excursions, events and activities with a maximum length of one day, compared to those, which requires two or more days. Amusement parks, beach-fun and museums, to mention a few popular themes in most guide-books, only get marginal attention compared to views of natural beauty, outdoor recreation (most particularly hiking trails), historical points of interest.   In the general information section of my books, readers can find comprehensive details about many day to day facts of life which are often quite different in the USA, compared to Holland/Belgium.

Camperreizen in de USA 

CAMPERREIZEN IN DE USA ("Travelling with a camper in the USA") is a practical guide for visitors to North America who want to rent a 'recreational vehicle' (camper or motorhome) during their stay. First published under the title 'Camper-vakanties in Amerika' ("Camper-vacations in America"), this travel handbook is now in its third print. The Dutch press praised CAMPERREIZEN IN DE USA unanimous: "...the book is indispensable if you are preparing a camper-vacation in America... (ANWB-Reizen); " particular for those who are not familiar with the phenomenon 'camper' an excellent introduction... (Ned. Bibliotheek Centrale); "...Struijk's book is meant as travel handbook, but thanks to the personal tone which makes it an adventurous and, in particular an inspiring book... (Tussen de Rails); "...Struijk has been to America many times and each paragraph in this book creates the impression he would prefer to go back again as soon as possible. That is good: a travel-guide must radiate the wish to travel, giving you the feeling your life is not complete without having seen this part of the world... (Leeuwarder Courant); "...Struijk, who draws upon his personal experiences, starts with the preparations at home and then deals with literally everything a traveller should know during his travels in America... (Nieuwsblad van het Noorden); "'s a combination between travel-guide (with descriptions of states and cities) and practical handbook (with chapters dealing with all aspects of campers)... (Volkskrant); "...the travel-guide is a product of Struijk's own experiences and a true recommendation for people who are considering travelling in America with a camper... (Travel Magazine Meridian); "...who likes to travel in America with a camper, but is not sure he will be at ease with it, will find a perfect travel companion in this practical handbook par excellence..." (Brabant Pers); "...BOOKTIP: this book is an ideal guide from the preparation at home till the realization of the trip in America... (Meridian Travel Planner); "..."An extremely practical pays to keep this book at hand when you are thinking about making a camper-trip through the USA..." (WEG-stichting CPNB).

Reishandboek Colorado & Wyoming (The West) 

With a 25-minute radio-interview in the travel section of the program '5th Floor' (KRO-Radio 5) on July 19th 2000, REISHANDBOEK COLORADO & WYOMING (Travel Handbook Colorado & Wyoming) was officially presented to the public. Although several travel-guides of similar nature exist in the Dutch language, REISHANBOOK COLORADO & WYOMING is the first (non-translated) travel-guide about those two states to be published in the Netherlands and Belgium. REISHANDBOEK COLORADO & WYOMING is a travel-guide of 504 pages and contains over 125 pictures (many of them in full colour) and 30 maps. Besides a `general information' section (among other paragraphs about history, culture, cooking, traffic, safety, transportation, accommodations, customs, etc.) the book is divided in 50 chapters, each dealing with a particular scenic route in Colorado and Wyoming (plus a portion of South Dakota). Although much emphasis is laid upon famous attractions such as Yellowstone National Park (over 30 pages), Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park and Mount Rushmore National Memorial, readers will also find ample information about lesser-known points of interest, historic places and natural wonders. Struijk also gives comprehensive information about all cities and towns along the routes he describes, including details about events, excursions, accommodation, etcetera.
Cover A Round of Golf

Rondje Golf 

Besides being an author of travel-guides, Aad Struijk has also published a book about another favourite pastime of his, golf. This book RONDJE GOLF (A Round of Golf) is a guide for people who are interested in the game and would like to know more about it. At the same time the book serves as a practical guide for the new golfer who is learing the game, but is not yet familiar with the countless customs and expressions, the often not easy to understand rules and the numerous possibilities of the game. Since golf (which has been a rather exclusive sport for only a selected few in Holland until very recently) is the fastest growing sport in The Netherlands at the moment, RONDJE GOLF provides for the wants of many new Dutch and Belgium golfers. At the moment Aad Struijk is planning to write a second book about 'the noble sport' in which he makes a combination between golf and traveling in New England. In November 2000 the second print of RONDJE GOLF has been published.
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